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ET: Legacy - free open source multiplayer fps game
ET: Legacy - free open source multiplayer fps game
ET: Legacy - free open source multiplayer fps game

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Happy New Year 2021!

Happy New Year everyone.

We hope you all had a pleasant start into 2021 and wish you all the best for the coming year. Although, a new ET: Legacy release wasn't feasible in 2020, solid progress has been made towards a next version. ET: Legacy is continuously moving forwards in the direction we all want it to be. Even the competitive experience is being ironed out as the recent draft cup powered by TeamMuppet and organised by eMMiel showed. We are incredibly thankful for all the commitment all of you keep putting into this project and the feedback you are sending our way.

We are aware that this blog hasn't been used in quite some time and we would like to change that. Whenever there is something important to say, we will update it here and simply announce the blog post in our social media. To stay on the very top of things, your best bet is to join our Discord server. It recently made its transition to a community server, which improves interaction with all of you quite substantially. Also, it allows us to provide a hub for everyone interested in ET and even RTCW as we decided to add a news channel so you can always keep up-to-date with your two favourite games. Another recent event was the mentioned draft cup on ET: Legacy which was the very first tournament on Legacy mod. We are very happy with the way things are evolving and would like to extend another huge thank you to everyone who helped in that cup and especially the organiser eMMiel and TeamMuppet for providing the server infrastructure. Just before the holidays, the four currently release map overhauls received new versions and are in a better state than ever. These are: 'Supply Depot, by ginc', 'Frostbite, by Moonkey', 'Ice, by id software' and 'Bergen, by Detoeni'. This by far is not the end of the line as they are continuously updated and new overhauls are under way. Lead by Aciz with the overhaul of 'Special Delivery, by Apple'. Development of this overhaul can be followed on their Twitch channel.

There is still no clear ETA on the next full-fledged public release as there are few, but crucial issues remaining (see: this ticket). Therefore, the intermediate goal is to provide snapshot builds for public testing.

If you are interested in this game and feel like you can contribute in any way or are interested in learning what is necessary, please reach out. A community project lives off of the involvement, motivation and commitment of so many volunteers. In the meantime, please keep spreading the word to your friends, old clan-mates and whoever might be interested. Keep playing the game and provide feedback so that together we can continue to shape the game we all want to play.

We Need You

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ET:Legacy 2.77 on its way!

Since 2.76 launched a few weeks ago, the ET:Legacy team received quite a lot of feedback that was use to prepare our 2.77 roadmap. This next version is intended to be a smaller release, with a greater focus on fixing the most annoying bugs, adding global polish and improving gameplay especially under a more competitive angle. See our current changelog.

While the client engine will have some interesting features that we hope will be useful to players, it isn't quite ready for testing yet. The official test server has however been updated with the an early preview of the 2.77 Legacy mod code, so we can ensure the on-going work is implemented correctly, as well as collecting early feedback.

Also, if you look up in the sky you might notice a little change when calling airstrikes. Beside the new allied B-25 Mitchell and axis Junkers Ju-88 aircraft models, you might notice that artillery strikes also have visible shells. These features are purely cosmetic, and do not change the current gameplay. These changes were initially intended for 2.76 release, but were eventually delayed to 2.77 due to lack of time.

Kudos to our developer Aranud for this feature! We hope you'll enjoy the more immersive experience.

This alpha preview can now be tested on the official test server:


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ET: Legacy 2.76 'The enemy is weakened!'

Dear ET community,

We hope all of you have thoroughly enjoyed your Christmas break and have endured a pleasant start into 2019. I'm sure most of you have gained a few pounds from all the delicious Christmas food and are trying to cut it down but before you get up and start jogging around we ask that you hold onto your seats a little longer as we've got one more present for you! It's been a while since our last release, but today's the day!

To download, please refer to the download section on our website.

Before going any further, we would first like to thank francis for spearheading, hazz, bystry and seeD for their guidance and TeamMuppet for providing server infrastructure for the evolving competitive scene. So, a warm welcome to all competitive players.

What's new?

  • VM_Create on UI error is resolved so no more manual work-arounds are necessary.
  • Bayesian skill rating is implemented allowing for global comparison of skill among players.
  • WolfAdmin is now the default game manager, providing many useful admin commands.
  • Our own master server is up and running, so even if id master goes down you're good to go.
  • Renderer2 + assets will be available in a bit, bringing you the best graphics for ET yet.

-> complete changelog is on our wiki.

What's next? 'The enemy is weakened!' is by far our most comprehensive release yet. This means, that before anything else, we first need to take a step back and check if everything is running as intended. All pending tickets (nearly 200!) have been moved to 2.78 and 2.77 is now reserved for non-breaking quality of life improvements and smaller issues.

There are three overarching focuses: #1 - Smoothing out the game experience to ease the transition of the competitive scene to ET: Legacy. #2 - Further improving our new renderer to make the game more attractive for new players. #3 - Supporting Android and Raspberry PI devices to simplify server management and test mobile gaming.

The ET: Legacy development is open to anyone. If you would like to be a part of it, we'd be glad to have you. Simply join our Discord and start chatting with us.

3D Modeller Recently, InspirationTuts finished and provided us with their first weapon model, the iconic Kar98. For that, we are in need of a 3D Modeller, acting as a bridge between InspirationTuts (modelling) and Zimuus (animations) and finally bringing the weapons in-game. If you would like to assist in the implementation of new weapons, then please let us know.

UI Designer One big aspect of any gaming experience is the User Interface, which in ET is riddled with difficult to navigate server browsers, limbo menus etc. There already are some very nice UI concepts by mAus in our Discord, should you need inspiration. ET: Legacy now comes with Bayesian skill rating and IRC functionality, which also opens the gates for implementing some kind of social system. If you would like to create a user-friendly first front to the player, then please, let us know.

Mac Maintainer/Developer With every OS X update from Apple they break support for things. Currently, we have no Mac developer/maintainer in the team, which is always a problem when wanting to release a new version. We have no real possibility to test the Mac build, let alone people who continuously keep it working. In order for ET: Legacy to remain playable on Mac in the future, we are in need of a Mac maintainer. If you have a Mac and knowledge about development (maybe even Mac developer status), it would be very helpful if you could reach out to us.

Translators The ET community has always been incredibly diverse so in order to show our appreciation for our world wide player base, ET: Legacy now comes with translations for multiple languages. Translating the game is done entirely by community members. All we require is that you are fluent in English and your native language, so if anyone at all is interested in helping out with these translations, don't be shy, hit us up! Any and all help is very much appreciated. If you want to get started, please let us know or simply have a look at Transifex.

Wiki Maintainers In order to help new players get started, a comprehensive community driven wiki is desirable, containing all necessary and useful information. This includes information regarding the general installation of the game, tweaking cvars to achieve the best possible experience as well as general tips, tricks, strategies and tutorials. The foundation is already layed out, but we need the community to populate it. If you have some DO's and DONT's to share, please let us know or directly dive into the wiki and complete it with your knowledge.

If you feel like you can contribute in any other way, be it overhauling assets or proven competitive maps, advancing the new renderer or any other contribution, don't hesitate to join our Discord and chat with us. ET: Legacy is an open, community driven development and every helping hand counts.

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Map Overhauls

Updated versions of "Frostbite, by Moonkey" and "Bergen, by Detoeni" have been released. Find them on modDB:

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Happy 15th anniversary W:ET

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory just had its 15th anniversary, which for a videogame is astonishing to say the least. To celebrate the fact, Titeuf from 85-Productions created a trailer showcasing the original game and promoting the upcoming 2.76 release of Legacy. It features a direct comparison by fading from vanilla ET to Legacy renderer2, just like the doctor ordered. Have a look here and if you feel like it, drop them some appreciation on their channel

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Frostbite v4

The fourth version of the Frostbite by Moonkey reboot has been released. Among others, the clipping has been substantially improved and the initial Axis autospawn bug has been resolved. Get the map from our modDB profile:

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"Master has presented player with servers! Player is free!"

But all hilarious Harry Potter references aside, we are now running our very own master server!

• "Requesting servers from the master ("

What does that mean for you? If you have the Legacy master configured (all ETL clients have!), then even if the ID master goes down again it does not matter. That's the simple part. You will still see all servers through the in-game browser.

There are also some nifty features planned with the new master server in the future, but that's it for now.


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No more XP save, let's measure your skill instead!

Enemy Territory implements XPs, which measure player scores based on specific actions, such as kills, construction, or revive. They are also used to control the various skill levels, similarly to a RPG. While not part of the original game, the ability to accumulate XPs indefinitely, as known as "XP save", has been a popular addition in many mods. We all know it: players crave for their XPs. Players accumulate XPs like coins map after map, and they love exhibiting XPs on servers to show how hard and how long they worked to earn them.

However, XPs don't give any indication of the real global performance of a player. At best, they merely give a hint about the time the player has played on a specific server. Saving XPs also create some imbalance by enabling special abilities given by skill levels permanently, such as adrenaline for medics which directly leads to the infamous "Rambo medics" that everyone hates. This has never been accounted for in the original game balance, where XPs were reset at the end of matches or the end of campaigns. With Legacy mod aiming to stay close to the original game design, it makes sense to not encourage the use of XP Save as so many mods do.

Starting from the next 2.76 release, only the XPs earned in the current map or campaign will be displayed. Instead of the total accumulated XPs, we're introducing a new metric, known as "Skill Rating".

The idea is simple: Skill Rating is a new, proved metric that can be used to compare skill of players over time. As FPS require skills in multiple areas like reflex, planning, tactical analysis or teamwork, with the relative importance of these skills depending on the map, game mode, player roles or team compositions, a skill rating can be defined as a measure of "all parameters of a player that help his team to win" and calculated using a statistical approach.

The idea of using statistics to estimate the skill of players isn't new. ETPub implements such a metric with its "Player Rating" that gives a normalized skill score. However, "Skill Rating" of Legacy mod is modeled after TrueSkill, a more modern algorithm that has been developed by MicroSoft for its XBox matching service. It has many advantages over the ETPub's PR, and is very well documented. It has been extended to take map bias into account. Ranks will also be adjusted to reflect the rating of the player, instead of reflecting the skill levels and XPs.

The Skill Rating has been gradually implemented in the past Legacy release, with the final version being currently tested on our official test server. Connect now to to have a preview of the system!

Frequently Asked Question

  • What is Skill Rating?

It is a value between 0 and 50 assigned to each player. It represents its ability to help his team to win the map. Rating will be updated after each map played at intermission. New players will have a rating of 0, and it will increase over time. The rating value determined by using the strength of the team, time played in each team and the map. The performance of disconnected players is taken into account.

  • What do I need to do to have a good Skill Rating?

Do whatever is necessary to win the map.

  • What are the percentage numbers displayed on scoreboard (using double Tab)?

The first value represent the real time estimate of each team winning the map, while the second is the map bias.

  • The number show that the current game is unbalanced!

The rating system takes balance into account when updating rating. It is thus "fair" to lose an unbalanced map. Winning a map against a much weaker team will not increase your rating much, but losing against a weaker team will make your rating drop sharply. Conversely, to increase your rating quickly, join the weaker team and win as an underdog!

  • Where do I learn more about this Skill Rating system?

For interested people that want additional details, see the related wiki document and implementation ticket.

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Map Porting

The process of map porting is steadily gaining speed. The second map after Bergen, by Detoeni, which is currently in development phase is good ol' Würzburg Radar.

While one of the general rules we stated for map porting is, that the atmosphere is not to be altered, we felt like a slight change was needed in this map. The standard version is a bit of a blurry and smudged night, where everything is consumed by a short-distance fog. We increased the line of sight, so now vegetation, structures and terrain are more visible in the distance. Of course the rain is staying, that would be too much of a change, but the blurry night has been replaced with a cloudy dawn of morning. We feel like this gives the map a bit more character.

Along the streets there are now handheld lanterns placed on each of the telegraph pole to simulate provisional lighting. This was done to have actual sources to the lights. In the standard version everything is relatively bright, although there are no real light sources for that, so now it feels a bit more natural.

The road MG hut has received a bit of a cabin in the woods vibe and has now a more istinct interior lighting. This makes spotting the machinegun camper a bit more easy to balance the battlefield.

For work-in-progress images please refer to this article: Würzburg Radar WIP

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Vote us!

The good people over at modDB have launched their annual "Mod of the Year" award competition. There are three phases and in the current phase 1, people can nominate their favourite mods. After Phase 1 the Top100 will advance to Phase 2 and in phase 3 the mod of the year will be announced.

Direct link to vote

Admittedly, the competition is fierce and we are a small mod for a 13 year old game. However, there are over 10.000 mods out there and we are convinced of the general performance and visual enhancements we have already brought to the game. The fact that this forum thread is relatively quiet right now is a little bit misleading.

• Our activity on GitHub is wonderful.

• The regular game textures are ready and awaiting the 2.76 release and we are working on setting up the advanced texture mapping with normal and specular maps.

• Thunderpwn has been hard at work replacing all static mapobject models to bring us one step closer to complete freedom from the license restrictions that are still in place.

• DimitriZer0 is working on a custom player model to replace the standard ones. Currently still in alpha state, the future plans are promising with different skins depening on the map setting and also appropriate backpack and gear for the different classes.

• There are currently 3 maps that are being worked on, to ship ET: Legacy with fantastic maps that make full use of the new, powerful renderer. These maps are Bergen, Würzburb Radar and Goldrush. And Seawall Battery is even a close candidate for a 4th map.

This sounds like a lot and you might now be wondering, why there aren't more news on Forums or Social media. The answer is, that the majority of these points are still in alpha state, which means they are still subject to constant change. We are testing different ways and approaches, which means that showing something off, could mean that after a few weeks this is already outdated. Nevertheless, if you are interested in the closer development and want to follow current discussions, bug and feature problematics and the occasional sneak-peek into said alpha state development, then please don't hesitate to join us in our public Gitter channel.

Our latest release 2.75 'Learning to Fly' from the 13th of September, has already been downloaded a staggering amount of 14.000 times! We are very proud of that fact and appreciate all the support we get from you, our community.

Please help us spread the word. If you have a modDB account, please take the 2 minutes and nominate us for the 'Mod of the Year' award. Let's make sure the global gaming and modding community, knows that great games can live to great age.

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