Enemy Territory: Legacy

ET: Legacy - free open source multiplayer fps game
ET: Legacy - free open source multiplayer fps game
ET: Legacy - free open source multiplayer fps game

About ET: Legacy

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a free multiplayer first-person shooter. Set during World War II and heavily focused on team work, it was initially released in 2003 by Splash Damage and id Software. More than a decade after its release, after spending countless hours of escorting tanks and trucks, stealing gold and radar parts and transmitting confidential documents, it was time to dust off the game which consistently refused to go down.

Enemy Territory: Legacy is an open source project based on the code of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory which was released in 2010 under the terms of GPLv3 license. The main goal of this project is to fix bugs, remove old dependencies and make it playable on all major operating systems while still remaining compatible with the ET 2.60b version and as many of its mods as possible. We do appreciate any contribution to the project such as patches, suggestions or comments.

Many thanks to Splash Damage for their release of the source code, raedwulf-et (especially Ralph Eastwood) & Unvanquished for our code base and ioQuake3 for their patches (especially /dev/humancontroller). Kudos!

Also thanks to JetBrains for providing licences for their products.
ET:Legacy is currently developed and maintained with JetBrain products, including Clion and IntelliJ.

Register, visit our channel #etlegacy on freenode.net or join our Discord channel!
Don't forget to read Frequently Asked Questions before posting.


Ready to go listen servers with omni-bot support. Install it. Run it. Have fun!

The ET:Legacy engine aims to provide modern features in a stable and secure code. The default mod shipped with ET: Legacy, Legacy mod, aims to add many useful features and improvements while staying close to the original gameplay.


  • Many bug and security fixes of the GPL code release (f.e. DDOS protection)
  • New useful cvars and functions (must read!)
  • Client now based on SDL2, a cross-platform multimedia library
  • Compatibility with almost every 2.60b mod (exception: ET:L server works with ETPro, ET:L client doesn’t)
  • Fast client built-in minimizer
  • Integrated IRC client
  • SQL dbms support
  • Raw mouse input support
  • Linux client sound without any hacks
  • Speed optimizations
  • Deprecated code removed (codebase is lighter by 33%!)
  • Updated ancient dependencies
  • OGG Vorbis client support
  • JPEG-Turbo client support
  • Translation support of clients
  • Generated client GUIDs
  • 128 MB com_hunkmegs default value
  • Expanded et:// protocol
  • Client auto updates
  • Coloured output in the system console (*nix based systems only)
  • Separate install and user data paths
  • No admin priviledges needed after install
  • Separated install and download folder
  • Clean command to polish the download folder and getting rid of unwanted menu and pk3 files
  • Easy to run installer to get you in battle in no time
  • New OpenGL 3.2 renderer (available soon)
  • ... and many more features!


  • Lua scripting with SQL support
  • Menu additionals
  • Omni-Bot support (installer included)
  • WolfAdmin game manager support (installer included)
  • Server side Lua scripting
  • Extended UI
  • Additional weapons
  • New bayesian skill rating system
  • Competition configs
  • More fireteam functions
  • Zinx etpro antiwarp
  • Ingame translations
  • Gametype 6 - map voting
  • Vanilla mod bug fixes (callvote exploit fix, remap shader fix, all the fixes from Project: Bugfix ...)
  • Country flags
  • Force client cvars
  • Extended ETPro map scripting
  • Fixed weapon stats
  • Config string optimizations
  • Ingame objective display
  • ETPro like spawntimers
  • Visible leaning
  • Custom HUDs
  • UI Serverbrowser reworked
    • Filters non ET:Legacy compatible servers (ETPro & PB)
    • Working favourite server management
    • New filters
    • Shows human & bot players separately when ET: L server is used
  • Working AA-gun - mappers have a look at 'misc_aagun'
  • Reactivated multi view
  • Extended demo viewer
  • New assets
  • ... and many more features!

For more details, see our complete Changelog.

The ET: Legacy Team

Jan 'Radegast' Šimek'
Jan 'Radegast' Šimek'

Project Founder, retired

Olaf 'IR4T4' R.
Olaf 'IR4T4' R.

Almighty Developer

Jere 'Jacker' S.
Jere 'Jacker' S.

Almighty Developer

Remy 'Spyhawk' M.
Remy 'Spyhawk' M.

Coding. Hawkwardly breaks everything before release

Arnaud 'Arnaud' Marty
Arnaud 'Arnaud' Marty

Almighty Developer

Konrad 'Morsik' Mosoń
Konrad 'Morsik' Mosoń

Website, Coding & Scripts

Cedric 'Kemon' E.
Cedric 'Kemon' E.

2D Artist & Marketing

Rafal 'RaFal' Pawlak
Rafal 'RaFal' Pawlak

Almighty Developer

Are 'Thunder' Kristiansen
Are 'Thunder' Kristiansen




Timo 'Timothy' S
Timo 'Timothy' S

Almighty Developer

Ron 'C..' D.
Ron 'C..' D.

Almighty Developer

'Hello! is it you we’re looking for?'
'Hello! is it you we’re looking for?'

We are still hiring
- no payment -
just glory and fame :P

Contributors and helping hands

100zherBG - bug report
3togo - bug report
acqu - several bug reports, patch for the master server list issue
Anna - patches
antman - map location override databases
belst - advices
Bill - bug report
blaubarschbube - bug report
boutetnico - advices, patches
Boojangles - abug report
Calinou - bug report
chriswww - bug report, feature request
cubs - bug report
Das_Fleisch - bug report
deki - bug reports & patches
deep - legacy logo
/dev/humancontroller - patches
Dominator56 - patches
Dragonji - bug reports, feature requests, Windows tester, Wiki editor
Ensiform - advices, patches
fretn - extended demo viewer code
Gordon - 3D models
Harlekin - bug reports, menu patches
hifi - patches
illwieckz - translations
ilm - basic SDL2 port
invictus - bug report
isRyven - bug reports, patches, feature request
JenkinS - big help and testing
Jonathan Gray - OpenBSD patches
Kissaki - bug report
kkthx - patches
lottin - bug report
Lammert - 2D artist
MAN-AT-ARMS - patches
Mateos - bug reports
Mathieu Olivier - bug fixes and code clean ups
Maverick - bug reports
mavit - bug report
merethan - feature request
merlin - bug reports
muessli - just a Windows player
Niek - bug report
Odal - bug reports
Ododo - patches
otty - bug reports
pbhj - feature request
ponce - bug report
Ragnar - bug reports
Runeforce lakersforce (Rune Biskopstö Christensen) - bug reports
rurza - feature request
S3ti - bug report
Saukko - bug reports, feature requests
skybon - bug report
sneak310 - feature request
StM - patches
swillits - feature request, Mac OS X fixes and patches
TheDushan Dušan Jocić - advices, patches and author of the OpenWolf engine based on ETXreaL
TunPal - feature request
Unode - bug reports
winrid - patches
zturtleman Zack Middleton - patches & inspirations