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ET: Legacy - free open source multiplayer fps game
ET: Legacy - free open source multiplayer fps game
ET: Legacy - free open source multiplayer fps game

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Map Porting

The process of map porting is steadily gaining speed. The second map after Bergen, by Detoeni, which is currently in development phase is good ol' Würzburg Radar.

While one of the general rules we stated for map porting is, that the atmosphere is not to be altered, we felt like a slight change was needed in this map. The standard version is a bit of a blurry and smudged night, where everything is consumed by a short-distance fog. We increased the line of sight, so now vegetation, structures and terrain are more visible in the distance. Of course the rain is staying, that would be too much of a change, but the blurry night has been replaced with a cloudy dawn of morning. We feel like this gives the map a bit more character.

Along the streets there are now handheld lanterns placed on each of the telegraph pole to simulate provisional lighting. This was done to have actual sources to the lights. In the standard version everything is relatively bright, although there are no real light sources for that, so now it feels a bit more natural.

The road MG hut has received a bit of a cabin in the woods vibe and has now a more istinct interior lighting. This makes spotting the machinegun camper a bit more easy to balance the battlefield.

For work-in-progress images please refer to this article: Würzburg Radar WIP

written by Kemon 2 months ago


Vote us!

The good people over at modDB have launched their annual "Mod of the Year" award competition. There are three phases and in the current phase 1, people can nominate their favourite mods. After Phase 1 the Top100 will advance to Phase 2 and in phase 3 the mod of the year will be announced.

Direct link to vote

Admittedly, the competition is fierce and we are a small mod for a 13 year old game. However, there are over 10.000 mods out there and we are convinced of the general performance and visual enhancements we have already brought to the game. The fact that this forum thread is relatively quiet right now is a little bit misleading.

• Our activity on GitHub is wonderful.

• The regular game textures are ready and awaiting the 2.76 release and we are working on setting up the advanced texture mapping with normal and specular maps.

• Thunderpwn has been hard at work replacing all static mapobject models to bring us one step closer to complete freedom from the license restrictions that are still in place.

• DimitriZer0 is working on a custom player model to replace the standard ones. Currently still in alpha state, the future plans are promising with different skins depening on the map setting and also appropriate backpack and gear for the different classes.

• There are currently 3 maps that are being worked on, to ship ET: Legacy with fantastic maps that make full use of the new, powerful renderer. These maps are Bergen, Würzburb Radar and Goldrush. And Seawall Battery is even a close candidate for a 4th map.

This sounds like a lot and you might now be wondering, why there aren't more news on Forums or Social media. The answer is, that the majority of these points are still in alpha state, which means they are still subject to constant change. We are testing different ways and approaches, which means that showing something off, could mean that after a few weeks this is already outdated. Nevertheless, if you are interested in the closer development and want to follow current discussions, bug and feature problematics and the occasional sneak-peek into said alpha state development, then please don't hesitate to join us in our public Gitter channel.

Our latest release 2.75 'Learning to Fly' from the 13th of September, has already been downloaded a staggering amount of 14.000 times! We are very proud of that fact and appreciate all the support we get from you, our community.

Please help us spread the word. If you have a modDB account, please take the 2 minutes and nominate us for the 'Mod of the Year' award. Let's make sure the global gaming and modding community, knows that great games can live to great age.

written by Kemon 2 months ago


ET:Legacy 2.75 released!

Long overdue, but it is finally here! Nearly one year ago, we released version 2.74, which has since been downloaded more than 50 thousands times. Today, we are pleased to announce the release of ET: Legacy 2.75.

As the game has been in a stable state since quite some time, we had the possibility to specifically focus on polishing the game feature-wise as well as improving the general player experience. Both the game engine and Legacy mod came to the table and received innumerable bug fixes and further code clean-up, making this new version the biggest we have ever released.

The changelog is long and ranges from rather simple UI changes like the 'landmine spotted' spamming to more serious back-end updates. Key updates worth mentioning are the additional OpenAL sound backend that will surely rejoice 7.1 surround system owners, as well as the new openGL 3 renderer. While now available for general public testing, this new renderer remains for now in an ‘experimental’ state and will be improved gradually over the following months. Other notable changes include a working multi view feature and the re-activation of the gamepad device code.

The implementation of a skill rating system definitely reached a milestone, and the addition of a SQL backend will allow flexible and powerful control with a complete Lua administration suite that will be delivered to you soon. Both of these features will be introduced in more details in the coming days. So make sure to keep an eye out for this project!

We are confident to say that ET: Legacy is the most advanced, stable and optimized ET version ever created and we will continue to work to live up to that statement. Future features and updates are already in the pipeline and are being worked on. The work on getting ET: Legacy away from the licensed assets took a big leap forwards as well a few weeks ago. We are definitely on the right track!

Our thanks goes out to all regular contributors, fans and helping hands that participated in bug reports, suggestions and fixes. If you are interested in joining our efforts, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us. We are a community driven project and everyone is welcome to join. You can leave a reply here, on our forum or our IRC channel.

NOTE Linux builds are coming later today! UPDATE: Linux files are in, have a nice fragathon!

written by Jacker 5 months ago

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Warmup: ET Legacy 2.75 begins in...

The countdown to ET:Legacy 2.75 has officially begun.

In the meantimes, ensure to read the installation guide and have a look at our FAQ. Feel free to ask us anything in our IRC or Gitter channels.

Curious players will be able to find out what's new by looking at the changelog. ET:Legacy 2.75 will be released for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms.

written by Spyhawk 5 months ago


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from the ET:Legacy team! Wish this new year be full of frags and dynamited objectives!

While this blog has been quiet the past few months, the development team has been busy improving the engine codebase and polishing the Legacy mod. Don't hesitate to pay us a visit on our IRC channel #etlegacy on Freenode, and stay tuned for a new release soon!

written by Spyhawk 1 year ago

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ET:Legacy 2.74 has been released

After nearly 8 months and some additional delay, the ET: Legacy team is happy to present the most advanced, stable and optimized ET version ever produced.

This new ET:Legacy 2.74 release adds optimized LAN player detection, better unicode support to the client, console smooth scrolling support, omni-bot compatibility with Linux 64 bit servers, Lua 5.3 and libraries updates. It fixes a few critical issues and adds a wide range of smaller adjustments and optimizations.

The Legacy mod has also seen countless improvements and bug fixes. If you are looking for the most authentic Enemy Territory experience available today, you should give it a try!

A comprehensive changelog is available on our wiki. Ensure to read the installation guides and have a look at our FAQ. ET:Legacy is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux 32 and 64 bit platforms.

We would like to thank all of our regulars contributors, fans and helping hands that participated in our testing sessions. These tests revealed a few issues that we have been able to fix in time to make this release as stable and smooth as it gets. Your help, bug reports, patches and global support made it possible!

ET: Legacy development is a collaborative effort done in an open, transparent and friendly manner. If you want to improve ET: Legacy in any way (coders, 2D/3D artists and modelers, level designers), don't hesitate to contact us on our IRC channel #etlegacy on Freenode. Anyone is welcome to join and contribute to improving this project!

written by Spyhawk 1 year ago


Warmup: ET:Legacy 2.74 begins in...

Many thanks to all helping hands which were involved in our testing sessions! We had quite a lot of fun together, and we were successful in catching a few minor bugs (and we fixed them, too!) before releasing this long awaited release.

Before it arrives to your hard drive, ensure to read the installation guide and have a look at our FAQ. Feel free to ask us anything in our IRC channel #etlegacy.

Curious players will be able to find out what's new by looking at the changelog. ET:Legacy 2.74 will be released for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms.

written by Spyhawk 1 year ago

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ET:Legacy 2.73 cancelled...

... instead, say hello to ET: Legacy 2.74!

We've been working hard to (finally!) provide the next release as bugs free and enjoyable as possible. However, our last public testing sessions revealed some annoying bugs that we couldn't find without the involvement of long time contributors and public testers from the community. All of these issues are now fixed, just a few hours ahead of the planned release.

However, in order to ensure the best quality of this long awaited release, we'd like to organize a very last public testing session to avoid any bad surprise at the last minute. Join us on our IRC channel #etlegacy around 19h00 CEST (17h00 UTC) on Sunday, August 16th and ask for joining the test session. We'll have fun together (and look for eventual issues) before officially releasing ET: Legacy 2.74 a bit later the following week!

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Getting ready for a new release

The 2.73 release is getting close (finally) and we want to have some games with YOU!

Everyone interested in joining us on a game of developer fragging, please head up to the forums and join the fun. Join the fragfest!

written by Jacker 1 year ago


Enemy Territory: Legacy version 2.72 has been released

Two weeks after our last release we are ready to bring you a new one which includes a client crash fix, bunch of server-side bugfixes and most notably our linux release is compiled with an older glibc, so even users with outdated linux distributions can play ET:L.

See full changelog for more information.

written by Radegast 2 years ago