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Open-source team based FPS game compatible with Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory™

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We're finally able to run 64bit Omni-bot with the Legacy mod!

Posted by Radegast on November 7, 2014 9:43:17 AM in News

Yes, that's right. You may hate bots all you want, but the fact is they are keeping most ET servers alive nowadays. With 64-bit ET:L server and 64-bit Legacy mod, Omni-bot was the only thing forcing you to cross-compile ET:L for the 32-bit arch on your server (because no one runs 32-bit servers, right? Right??). Not anymore.

Version 2.71rc4 released

Posted by Radegast on June 8, 2014 10:03:50 PM in Releases

The ET:L development team is proud to announce the release of ET:L 2.71rc4 which is definitely the very last release candidate before stable 2.71 release. You will find Windows, linux and OS X binaries in the download section. Packages for Arch linux should be available directly from the repository and OpenSuse packages located in the games repository will be updated shortly. On other platforms such as *BSD systems and OpenPandora you can compile ET:L from source code but please note that you won't be able to connect to those servers which don't provide mod libraries for your platform.

See Changelog for version highlights.

Special thanks to swillits for making an OS X dmg installer!

EasyGen terrain generator has been open-sourced

Posted by Jacker on January 15, 2014 9:55:34 PM in News

EasyGen is tool to generate terrain for custom maps. So far the program has not been updated for over 10 years, but now that the source has been released we took it in and we intend to make it part of our toolset. We already fixed the old code to compile on todays compilers (VS 2008-2012) and replaced the deprecated image system libraries. The next job is to port the code to Qt Framework so that people running other than Windows operating systems can also use it.

We will be introducing tools for model conversion in the future to make model creation easier. All tools will be using PhysicsFS so that the users do not need to unpack the pk3s anymore for the tools to get access to game assets.

Website of Francesco Bancalà, the creator of EasyGen: http://www.webalice.it/bancala/

We have a dedicated page for EasyGen on our bugtracker, where you can browse the source code and report issues and feature requests.



Version 2.71rc3 released

Posted by Radegast on November 2, 2013 8:32:29 PM in Releases

The ET:L development team is proud to announce the release of ET:L 2.71rc3 which is hopefully the last release candidate before stable 2.71 release. You will find Windows and linux binaries in the download section. Packages for OpenSuse linux are in the official games repository. Additional packages or installers OpenPandora and AROS/MorphOS are also available in their official repositories. On other platforms such as OS X and *BSD systems you can compile ET:L from source code.

See Changelog for version highlights.

Call for maintainers

Posted by Radegast on September 25, 2013 10:34:01 PM in News

UPDATE: several important commits did not make it into 2.71rc2, so we will not bother releasing binaries for this version and wait until 2.71rc3. If you want to help us with testing connect to etlegacy.com:27960 and play a round or two!

Version 2.71rc2 has been tagged in the git repository, but we are still missing packages/binaries for the following platforms:

  • FreeBSD
  • AROS
  • OpenPandora

If you are the original maintainer or want to become one, please join us at our IRC channel #etlegacy @ Freenode.net