Enemy Territory: Legacy

ET: Legacy - free open source multiplayer fps game
ET: Legacy - free open source multiplayer fps game
ET: Legacy - free open source multiplayer fps game

Map Porting

The process of map porting is steadily gaining speed. The second map after Bergen, by Detoeni, which is currently in development phase is good ol' Würzburg Radar.

While one of the general rules we stated for map porting is, that the atmosphere is not to be altered, we felt like a slight change was needed in this map. The standard version is a bit of a blurry and smudged night, where everything is consumed by a short-distance fog. We increased the line of sight, so now vegetation, structures and terrain are more visible in the distance. Of course the rain is staying, that would be too much of a change, but the blurry night has been replaced with a cloudy dawn of morning. We feel like this gives the map a bit more character.

Along the streets there are now handheld lanterns placed on each of the telegraph pole to simulate provisional lighting. This was done to have actual sources to the lights. In the standard version everything is relatively bright, although there are no real light sources for that, so now it feels a bit more natural.

The road MG hut has received a bit of a cabin in the woods vibe and has now a more istinct interior lighting. This makes spotting the machinegun camper a bit more easy to balance the battlefield.

For work-in-progress images please refer to this article: Würzburg Radar WIP

written by Kemon 2 years ago

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