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ET: Legacy - free open source multiplayer fps game
ET: Legacy - free open source multiplayer fps game
ET: Legacy - free open source multiplayer fps game

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Recapture the City!

The 2.77 release is only a little over two weeks old and we are very happy to share the first proof of drastically shortened release cycles with you today. Unfortunately, with such a comprehensive changelog as the initial 2.77 had, a few issues sneaked in as well. However, we listened to your feedback and addressed the most prominent and crucial issues in the ET: Legacy 2.77.1 'Recapture the City!' hotfix. hotfix_release.jpg We would like to thank all of you for the fantastic feedback after 2.77. The number of downloads alone was inspiring, but the amount of activity on the ET: Legacy Discord has been quite astonishing to say the least. If you are not yet part of the largest ET related Discord community, please join us to always stay up-to-date on our development progress, but also on all things regarding Enemy Territory and Return to Castle Wolfenstein as well.

If you are interested in the development side of this project and are motivated to tackle an issue yourself then please don't hesitate to reach out to us on the Discord. Our development is a collaborative effort done in an open, transparent and friendly manner. Anyone is welcome to join our efforts! But we all know what you came here for, so without further ado, please find the full changelog of the hotfix below or on our wiki here.



  • Enhanced installer for all platforms
  • Added clipboard to console
  • Fixed compatibility with ETJump shared cvar
  • Fixed asset MD5 checksum failed pop-up during installation
  • Fixed load official pak file error when connecting to servers
  • Fixed infinite download loop when connecting to server
  • Fixed pack isolation with no pure servers
  • Added conversion for extended chars to utf-8 chars in output printing


  • Fixed Alt+Tab Minimiser doesn't work
  • Fixed console scrolling to bottom on map load working only on localhost
  • Fixed un-reset timeout after getinfo command was retrieved from server
  • Fixed issues with maximizing a window with a non desktop resolution


  • Fixed crash in RE_AddRefEntityToScene


  • Fixed bouncing entity velocity was too high
  • Fixed ready status disappearing
  • Fixed entities stuck inside construction point (now, player are crushed and items deleted)
  • Fixed pushing players through solids
  • Fixed body and corpses hindered picking items
  • Fixed un-reset trace ignore cause trace issues
  • Fixed multi votes send on team change during intermission
  • Fixed shoving wounded players
  • Enhanced shoutcaster mod:
    • Added culling for player spawn counts on minimap (When zoomed the text was sometimes drawn outside of minimap)
    • Fixed icons being drawn over minimap border
    • Hided followed player overlay when topshots window is on

written by Jacker 1 month ago

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