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ET: Legacy - free open source multiplayer fps game
ET: Legacy - free open source multiplayer fps game
ET: Legacy - free open source multiplayer fps game

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ET: Legacy 2.80

A brand new decimal is joining the ranks! After ET 2.55 and 2.60 for the official releases, the first ET: Legacy version was 2.70 in 2013. It is now nine years later and we are breaking in a new decimal with...

ET: Legacy 2.80 'Clear the Path!'

Slightly delayed, but we are still sticking to the quarterly release schedule. As mentioned last week, this release heavily targets the competitive side of ET: Legacy again to iron out the gameplay and ensure a smooth experience. However, also smaller quality of life adjustments are included. Both on the mod and the game side. For a complete list of changes coming with ET: Legacy 2.80, please refer to the changelog on our wiki.

Some honourable mentions include:

  • Optional prevention of Z-axis player shoving
  • Swapped suicide animation to the default death animation
  • A sleek looking square compass
  • Hitsound-related performance improvements
  • New sharetimer command to improve team play
  • Added option to specify scoped sensitivity separately
  • Added mod-sided flood protection
  • Removed fps-dependency of wait commands in map scripts

That is all for now. Thank you everyone for all your support, contributions, feedback and helping hands over the years. This community project certainly wouldn't have been possible without all of you. So, a heartfelt thank you! Have fun and see you on the servers!

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ET: Legacy Competitive Ladder

ET: Legacy 3on3 Ladder is here!

The long-awaited ladder system is now ready and waiting for you to join in! Head over to to sign-up, create your team and challenge others to score points and get a position on the ladder.


To avoid confusion and misunderstandings, it's recommended to read the ladder's rules before your first game. You can find them on the Reddal website or on the ET: Legacy Competitive Discord in the #ladder-3on3-rules channel.


To assure constant improvement of the ladder system, you are encouraged to provide feedback and suggestions on the ET: Legacy Competitive Discord in the #ladder-feedback channel.


1 The team captain needs to create a team on the website.

On the Reddal website navigate to your profile section and select 'Create Team'. On the team page, navigate to 'Administration' and invite at least 3 players to your team.

2 All players must add their GUIDs to their profiles before joining the ladder

On the Reddal website navigate to your profile section and select 'Edit Profile'. To check your Legacy GUID simply type /players in the in-game console. The GUID is the number on the right side of your nick.

3 Once a team has at least 3 players, the team captain can join the ladder.

On the Reddal website navigate to the 3on3 ladder and select 'Join this ladder'. You've now joined the ladder.

In case of any doubts about the above, please open a thread in #ladder-feedback on the ET: Legacy Competitive Discord.

We hope you will all enjoy the oldschool clanbase-like Legacy competitive experience in 2022. The ladder will last for at least a year, depending on the activity.

A massive thank you goes out to the organisers! To everyone joining: Good luck and have fun!

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ETL Special Delivery

It's time for a release of a new ET:Legacy map overhaul! After a test period with the ET:Legacy Competitive discord, the time has come for a public release of ETL Special Delivery!

ETL Special Delivery

Originally created by Apple and GW, with the Tournament Edition modifications done by jump3r, eiM and Snake, this map has been a staple of both the competitive scene and public servers since it's release in 2008. With a fresh coat of paint applied by Aciz along with few minor gameplay adjustments, we hope you'll enjoy this refreshed version of the old classic!

Notable changes from the original

  • Overhauled visuals and lighting
  • Significantly improved VIS
  • Axis lookout towers at first stage now require you to be standing in order to shoot out of
    • A small box was added in each of them that still allows crouched shooting
  • The loading doors at trucks no longer open if a gold has been delivered to them - only the required door(s) open
  • Artillery/airstrikes can no longer be called right next to the trucks
  • Forward bunker flag is moved slightly closer to the back wall to allow for more space for gunfights inside the bunker

For a complete changelog, please see the readme inside the pk3.

Download the map here

Download Omni-Bot waypoints here

For any issues and feedback, don't hesitate to contact Aciz over at the ET:Legacy discord.

Comparison 1

Comparison 2

Comparison 3

Comparison 4

Comparison 5

Comparison 6

Comparison 7

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ET: Legacy 2.79 released!

ET: Legacy 2.79 'Yule Log'

Hello everyone!

We have a last gift for you for this year: ET: Legacy 2.79 'Yule log' release. It comes bundled with a shorter, but all the more efficient changelog.


We want to thank everyone for all your support this year. Additional helping hands have joined the team and made it possible to actually implement shorter release cycles, so those of you that are not using the snapshot builds can still enjoy the newest features and fixes on a more regular basis.

Utmost respect and thanks also goes out to the admins of the ET: Legacy Competitive community. The effort put into this is incredibly motivating and a huge help. Your regular scrims combined with proper organised cups provides so much valuable hands-on feedback to this project, enabling us to prioritise and tailor features and fixes for the best ET: Legacy experience possible.

If some of you, dear ET fans, have not joined the ET: Legacy Competitive Discord, but are looking for regular matches, events and friendly banter, make sure to join the lovely folks over at ETL Comp. Discord channel. It may help in avoiding a quadra-panzer wipe withing the first 10 seconds of a match, basically handing the opponent the win. Not that this happened or anything. know? cough


This is all for this year. But honestly, the future of this project has never looked more promising as going into 2022. There are so many great things on the horizon for ET: Legacy, so make sure to keep an eye out for news in our Discord, as well as the Competitive one.

All that's left for us to do is wish you all happy holidays and a pleasant start to 2022.

Grab the latest release in our Downloads section.

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Hotfix for 2.78 now available!

Following the big 2.78.0 release from last month, today we make a small update available to all!


This release fixes some client issues that only some of you encountered. On windows, users making use of HDPI scaling will now get proper mouse focus, and Linux users will enjoy the return of raw mouse input.

On the mod side, you'll find a few more bugs eradicated, as well as more global polish.

> Full changelog

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