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ET: Legacy - free open source multiplayer fps game
ET: Legacy - free open source multiplayer fps game
ET: Legacy - free open source multiplayer fps game

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Announcing a hotfix for 2.77

Thank you

For the massive feedback for and interest in ET: Legacy 2.77. On the first day alone we broke 1.5k downloads and that number is still increasing. Unfortunately, with such a substantial changelog it was not surprising that a few issues sneaked by, which were cause for a bit of a headache for everyone the last two days. Therefore, we have decided to pause work on the current roadmap for 2.78 release and instead concentrate on ironing out the main bugs with 2.77 and ship a hotfix to you in the coming week(s).


The primary identified issues are as follows:

Issue: Asset MD5 checksum failed pop-up during installation. Cause: Mirror link for downloading original asset paks doesn't work. Fix: Click "Try again" and it should choose Mirror#2.

Issue: Couldn't load official pak file error when connecting to servers. Cause: You are missing pak1 and pak2 files in your ETLegacy/etmain folder. Fix: Download these paks from and place them in etmain folder in fs_basepath (aka. installation path).

Issue: Alt+Tab Minimiser doesn't work. Cause: Caused by SDL update. Fix: Use Borderless fullscreen or Windowed mode, which let's you exchange between opened windows.

Issue: Antivirus blocking ET: Legacy installer. Cause: Windows.. Fix: Allow the application manually until it is whitelisted by Microsoft.

Issue: The game is showing old version number, or has bugged menu. Cause: 2.77 was installed over 2.76 path, causing conflicts. Fix: Clean up installation and Documents/ETLegacy/legacy (Win) folders.

Issue: Infinite download loop when connecting to server. Cause: Downloaded file is stored as temp file and moved to fs_homepath/etmain/dlcache folder. Fix: Manually copy the respective file from fs_homepath/etmain/dlcache to fs_homepath/etmain.

Thank you for your patience and understanding for applying these (temporary) fixes, while we work on a hotfix. Luckily, the most prevelant issues can be manually worked around in the meantime, which means you can still enjoy the 2.77 release. If you find additional problems, please let us know or ideally directly file tickets on the Github tracker so nothing gets lost.

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ET: Legacy 2.77 released!

'Capture the City!'

It's massive. It's stable! It's GODLIKE!

2.77 release

It was also overdue, but now it's finally time for ET: Legacy 2.77 'Capture the City!', our most comprehensive release to date. Yes, we have been saying that about the past releases as well, but only because it's true! Thanks to an actually growing ET: Legacy community and more active interest and involvement by players and server owners alike, the amount of feedback we have received since 2.76 was absolutely astonishing. Thank you for that!


At this point, we want to extend the warmest of all regards to the TeamMuppet ET community, who braced against a continued storm of bugs and endured frequent server crashes and downtimes by testing unstable development snapshots. The feedback gathered through your playtests has been incredibly valuable. So valuable in fact that we decided to provide those development snapshots publicly over here. They are a wonderful opportunity for us to massively shorten the release cycle in the future, lower the feedback barrier between developers and players and get hands-on experience on the latest features and bug fixes by the community.


We know the most interesting part of a new release is to read up on all the things that got fixed, added or changed, however, it's not possible to go through everything in detail here, so please have a look at the comprehensive changelog here. Nonetheless, there naturally are items on the list that stand out and we decided to compile them in the very short list below.

  • Added new download container system (read more)
  • Fixed VM_Create crash when player had utf-8 chars in their username (Windows)
  • Added HUD objective indicator
  • Added clearer simple items icons (use cg_simpleItems 2 to only use simple packs and weapon)
  • Added shoutcaster mode / Added shoutcast overlay
  • Added prestige feature that tracks players skill levels reset

We still want to provide you with in-detail explanations regarding some changes we are especially excited about, so please stay tuned for more blog posts in the coming days. For now, however, we think it's best to let you play around with this new release without further ado: image

ET: Legacy 2.77 agains comes with support for Windows, Linux and MacOS as well as brand-new Raspberry Pi support which will go online in the next few days! We're also happy to announce that support for Android devices is under development and should be available to you soon'ish(TM).

If you are not yet part of our Discord community, now is the ideal time to join. You will stay on top of things with news regarding ET, RTCW and most importantly ET: Legacy development. You can actively engage in discussion and help shape the game we all love to play. We are also happy to say that you can find active players in a growing competitive community on ET: Legacy. Things are starting to take shape and you can be right there with us!

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We have an ETA!

ET: Legacy 2.77 is coming!

Say goodbye to soon(TM) and say hello to the 1st of March 2021 as release date for ET: Legacy 2.77 'Capture the City!'. 277_teaser.png The long-term mix of quarantine and home-office makes it difficult to keep track of dates? Not to worry, we added a countdown on our website to do that for you. Stay tuned for more information in the coming days.

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Public snapshots are available!

For the more adventurous among you we have great news today!

While we are preparing a full-fledged release coming along your way soon(TM), we have restructured our build procedure and are now able to provide public development snapshots. In short, this means that everyone now has the option of using the game including all the latest features. This is especially advantageous since it comes without the need to set up a development environment to compile the code yourself. It is important to note, however, that these snapshots also come with all the latest bugs as well! A stable gaming experience is not necessarily given, so use them at your own discretion. If you do use them, please let us know of any bugs and issues you are encountering as that helps us in providing a stable experience to everyone with the next full-fledged release. If you want to read more about what these snapshots do and why we are so excited about providing them to you, please have a look at this ticket for further explanation.

What you can look forward to in these snapshots and the upcoming release? Why all the prestige and honour of being a beta tester, certainly. If that shouldn't be enough, however, we are happy to say that among an incredibly long list of additional features and bug fixes, the implementation of the server pk3 isolation system and the fix of the VM_Create error stand out. The latter has been a nasty bugger for quite a while, but should be dealt with now properly. For 2.76 we implemented an initial attempt of protecting players against potentially malicious server pk3. Unfortunately, that implementation was not an ideal solution and has since been replaced by the above. This means that now the players can still connect to servers running the wildest range of pk3 if they so choose, while still enjoying proper protection as those pk3 can for example no longer hijack the player's main menu. To read more about this feature in particular, please have a look at this ticket (Custom main menus for quick access can still be installed manually.)

To provide us with feedback you can either file an issue directly on Github or if you prefer community interaction then we would be happy to welcome you on our Discord as well. There you will also have access to the latest news regarding ET and RTCW and can actively engage in shaping this game.

Download the snapshots here

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Another round of updates for the map overhauls!

Hello everyone. It's time for another round of updates for all four existing map overhauls. This time, the changes are ranging from quality of life improvements to fixing game breaking bugs.

The last version of 'Bergen, by Detoeni', unfortunately, contained an incorrectly named entity which caused the game to crash. This has now been fixed along with the addition of proper footstep sounds on the terrain. These were also not working correctly on the last version of 'Supply Depot, by ginc', which has also been taken care of. Aside from that, the map has received substantial performance improvements (huge thank you to hatcher for extensive support) as well as the addition of another optional feature that was requested by ETc.Jay. Server admins now have the option to toggle the truck (in-)vulnerable. By default the truck remains invulnerable as this suits the competitive environment of the map better, but for public play this option now exists thanks to Ensiform who found the perfect way to do this. For 'Frostbite, by Moonkey' the focus was on further improving the player collision to ensure smooth movement and gameplay. Huge thank you to Aciz for extensive feedback in that regard. Lastly, 'Ice, by id software' did not receive many bug reports so the changes are primarily improving quality of life. The maximum player count on all four maps has been raised to 32 vs 32 and the overall settings for lighting and terrain blending have been adjusted to reduce data and improve performance.

This round of updates, however, is not the end. There are plans for future additions to the maps highlighting key events and famous plays by the community, so make sure to keep an eye out for this blog, but even better, join our Discord to always stay on top of things.

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